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How to install fiber cement board?

How to install fiber cement board?

Oct 07,2021

Sanle fiber cement board is a new type of green environmental protection board with excellent performance, such as fireproof, moisture proof, insect-resistant ant, easy working, thermal insulation,low deformation coefficient and durable. It is widely used for partition wall, exterior cladding and floor in offices, hospitals, factory building, villas theaters and various art buildings.

How to install the fiber cment board? Today, we will talk about how to install the partition wall with fiber cement board.

Fiber cement board
1. The top and floor keels are fixed respectively top floor and on floor with expansion bolts.
2. The vertical keel should be aligned well according to the requirement (generally being 612 mm) with laterally supporting keel installed.
3. Cutting the board material to the dimensions needed (about 10mm lower than wall height)
4. Board material is fixed on keel in anchoring seam way with tapping screw: the interval of tapping screw is generally about 200~250mm with screws sinking 0.5mm under the board face.
5. The expansion seam of about 4mm between boards should be kept.
6. The shrouding should be fixed from the middle to the four sides and cannot be operated at multipoint simultaneously to avoid generating inner stress to make board material bucking.
7. Before board being packaged and fixed, depending the needs, glass cotton or rock cotton can be filled.

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