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Healthcare solution-fiber cement antibacterial board

Healthcare solution-fiber cement antibacterial board

Sep 17,2021

Healthcare environments require all building materials are green,fireproof,waterproof, no formaldehyde release, antibacterial and etc.  

We are focusing on R&D and producing the internal decorative wall panels for hospital, biological clean room, industrial clean room and other clean fields. We provide you with one-stop service, from design,hospital antibacterial board and all accessories production to installation guide, saving your time and cost.
fiber cement antibacterial board

* A1 class non-combustibility materials , during using,our boards will not produce any toxic gas and radiation.
* Effectively inhibit escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus,meet the antibacterial requirement of medical operating -theatre
* Environment friendly building materials, 100% non asbestos and non formaldehyde.
* Wear-resistance and easy to clean.
* Acid and alkali resistance ,good against organic solvent and disinfectant , avoiding daily necessities pollution.
* Low water absorption rate, good abilities of being moisture-proof and waterproof .
* Rich colors,excellent decorative performance.
* High degree of weather resistance and durable.


Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
4、6、8、10 610、1220 2440、3000


fiber cement antibacterial board  

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fiber cement antibacterial board


fiber cement antibacterial board


Widely used as interior antibacterial board for all kinds of Clean room.Because adding inorganic antibacterial materials and organic nano antibacterial materials during the production , the board have good performance in inhibit escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus .The boards are meeting the national requirements of wall building materials in biological clean room and industrial clean room .
fiber cement antibacterial board
fiber cement antibacterial board

fiber cement board
calcium silicate board
fiber cement siding board
fiber cement decorative board 
fiber cement antibacterial board