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19 09 2021

Office solution- interior wall decorative board

With the development of economic, the requirement for modern office decoration improves constantly. Customers are increasingly concerned about the following points. The decoration should Incorporate consideration of future needs. Paying attention to decoration materials’ practicalit

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17 09 2021

Healthcare solution-fiber cement antibacterial board

Healthcare environments require all building materials are green,fireproof,waterproof, no formaldehyde release, antibacterial and etc.   We are focusing on R&D and producing the internal decorative wall panels for hospital, biological clean room, industrial clean room

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15 09 2021

Hotel solution-pvc cladding fiber cement wall panel

Hotel decoration is a large project, needing huge human, physical and financial resources. We are focusing on R&D and producing the PVC cladding fiber cement wall panel for hotel decoration. We can offer you the one- stop solution service,saving your time and cost. Interior de

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