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Features and Advantages of Fiber Cement Tunnel Board

Features and Advantages of Fiber Cement Tunnel Board

Aug 11,2023

Fiber cement tunnel board is a construction material designed to address the unique challenges posed by tunnel environments. Comprising a blend of cement, reinforcing fibers, and additives, these boards offer a durable and versatile solution for tunnel lining and cladding. The integration of these elements results in a composite material that embodies exceptional strength, resilience, fire resistance, and adaptability.
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Features of Fiber Cement Tunnel Board

● Class A1 fireproof base board, no harmful gas, superior fireproof performance
● Colorful, good decorative performance, beautifying and brightening the tunnel
● Excellent diffuse reflection performance can effectively reduce light pollution
● Antistatic and dustproof, reducing the pollution of automobile exhaust to the board surface, keeping the board surface clean and easy to clean
● The decoration system combined with the keel frame can effectively reduce noise pollution by using thin-wall resonance principles
● It has good impact resistance, and no sharp angle after the plate is broken, effectively avoiding secondary injury
● The board has low water absorption, good moisture-proof, and is waterproof, it is suitable for use in such high-humidity environments as tunnel
● Acid and alkali resistant, washable, easy to keep the board clean and bright
● Excellent weather resistance, as new as ever
● Environment–friendly

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Advantages of Installing Fiber Cement Tunnel Boards

Fiber cement tunnel boards offer a host of advantages that elevate their significance in tunnel infrastructure projects.

Strength and Durability: The incorporation of reinforcing fibers imparts remarkable strength to fiber cement tunnel boards.

Fire Resistance: Class A1 fireproof base boards play a vital role in containing the spread of flames.

Moisture and Weather Resistance: Fiber cement tunnel boards are engineered to resist moisture infiltration, preventing water-related deterioration and maintaining their structural integrity even in humid or wet conditions.

Acoustic Comfort: The boards possess sound-absorbing properties, aiding in reducing noise levels within tunnels and enhancing the comfort of users.

Customization Possibilities: Fiber cement tunnel boards offer customization options to cater to the unique requirements of diverse tunnel designs. Whether it's variations in thickness, dimensions, or finishes, these boards can be tailored to align with specific tunnel design and functionality needs.

Efficient Installation: Fiber cement tunnel boards are designed for efficient installation, often utilizing modular systems that expedite the construction process and minimize disruptions.


Fiber cement tunnel boards are produced by fluorocarbon nano-coating or inorganic ceramic powder. They have superior fireproof and decorative performance, effectively reduce light pollution, and noise, and meet the requirements of fire-proof decorative materials for tunnels.

Fiber cement tunnel boards find application in a wide range of tunnel projects, including road tunnels, railway tunnels, pedestrian walkways, and underground transport systems. Their versatility makes them suitable for both new constructions and rehabilitation projects aimed at enhancing existing tunnel infrastructure.

In conclusion, fiber cement tunnel panels combine strength, durability, fire resistance, and customization options to ensure that the tunnels of the future are not only safe but also durable. As we journey toward a future where infrastructure is both functional and forward-thinking, fiber cement tunnel boards emerge as a beacon of progress, embodying the essence of modern engineering excellence.