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Office solution- interior wall decorative board

Office solution- interior wall decorative board

Sep 19,2021

With the development of economic, the requirement for modern office decoration improves constantly. Customers are increasingly concerned about the following points.
  1. The decoration should Incorporate consideration of future needs.
  2. Paying attention to decoration materials practicality and cost-effective, improve the availability of materials.
  3. The decoration style and color collocation should be in line with the characteristics of the office staff.

We are focusing on R&D and producing the interior wall decorative board for office decoration. We can offer you the one- stop solution service,saving your time and cost.
  1. Custom interior decoration design 
  2. Sanle fiber cement decorative wall boards and accessories
  3. Installation guide
interior wall decorative board
interior wall decorative board


100% asbestos free , no release of any hazardous material during the lifetime of the product, environment-friendly. Bright color, clear texture, vivid image.
②Class A fireproof calcium silicate board as base material , having good fire resistance performance.
③Big size panel with Light weight , high strength and easy installation characteristics.
④Insect and termite prevention ,waterproof and moisture proof.
⑤Wear resistant ,easy to clean,having long service life.
⑥Economical and cost-effective.


Thickness(mm) Width(mm)        Length(mm)
4、6、8、10 610、1220 2440、3000
Mark: other sizes can be customized


Item Result
adhesion: classification 0
impact resistance: 1100mm impact height , 1000g ball weight, no cracks on both sides
fire rating: class A 
bending strength:  >18Mpa
formaldehyde:  none
asbestos: none asbestos

Color card:

interior wall decorative board


interior wall decorative board

Installation effect:
interior wall decorative board