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Exhibition-interior wall decorative board shows

Exhibition-interior wall decorative board shows

Oct 29,2021

Sanle Group participated the first " Greater Bay Area Building Technology Innovation Exchange Exhibition"

In this exchange exhibition, Sanle Group chose container installation to show the effect of wall panel fast installation. It allows the audience to see the application of Sanle fiber cement interior wall decorative board and understand its characteristics more directly. At the same time, it can comprehensively show the patents, awards, achievements obtained and the prospect strength of the Sanle Group to the professionals.
interior wall decorative board

The key exhibit of Sanle Group in this exhibition is "prefabricated mould-free building system", which was awarded the first prize by Guangdong Engineering Survey and Design Industry Association.
interior wall decorative board

The application of prefabricated building system of Sanle Group changes the traditional construction way, leads the green development and circular economy orientation, and provides a comfortable, healthy, safe, environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free living environment for human beings.

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