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What material is fireproof fiber cement board?

What material is fireproof fiber cement board?

Mar 29,2022

In recent years, fiber cement boards have been widely used, and many buildings, such as teaching buildings, hotels, hospitals, hotels, etc., have used this fiber cement board in many places. So, what is the material of fireproof fiber cement board?
Fiber cement board is a new type of building fireproof board. Its main raw materials are cement, yellow sand, and pulp as the main materials, adding some appropriate amount of fiber, and the reinforcing material is finally combined through a series of operations such as high temperature and high pressure. Fireproof and waterproof fiber cement board, the whole board of fiber cement board is very large. Its basic specification length is 2.44m and width is 1.22. The board has the characteristics of easy cutting and easy installation.
Fiber cement board is usually used for indoor partitions, because its fire rating is A1, so it can be used as firewalls, fire-resistant air ducts, smoke exhaust pipes, etc. The fire rating of fiber cement board is better, if there is a fire, the board will not burn. In addition to fire prevention, it also has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance. After a series of testing fibers, the cement board is impermeable for 24 hours. It is more suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom. Fireproof fiber, cement board, thermal insulation ability is obviously better than ordinary block effect.
With the improvement of people's awareness of safety, the building materials are becoming more and more perfect. Now fiber cement board has replaced the use of traditional gypsum board, and it has been more and more recognized by the public. The board will have broad prospects for development.