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Characteristics of fiber cement perforated board

Characteristics of fiber cement perforated board

May 22,2021

Fiber cement perforated board uses medium-density fiber cement board as the base material. With a unique process, it is a new type of building material that meets the decoration needs of special places in construction. Because of its strong sound absorption, light weight and high strength, good fire and moisture resistance, and a flat surface It has the advantages of good temperature and convenient processing. It is especially suitable for noisy computer rooms, conference rooms, sound-absorbing walls of theaters, and ceilings in shopping malls, factories, stations and other places. It can well absorb noise and prevent the strong reflection of indoor sound from affecting the indoor environment. In addition to ceiling uses in various places, it can also be used as sound-absorbing wall panels in environments with sound-absorbing requirements (such as urban rail transit noise barriers, highway noise barriers, air conditioners and mechanical noise barriers, etc.
Fiber cement perforated board is a decorative board with excellent performance of Baode series of building boards as the base material. It is a decorative board with sound-absorbing function after precision perforation and veneer treatment. It is widely used in various fiber cement perforated boards. It is a sound-absorbing board processed with a perforated mold. The board surface can be pasted with imported sound-absorbing cloth.
Gypsum perforated sound-absorbing board has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, green safety, and convenient construction. The most important thing is good sound-absorbing effect. Fiber cement perforated board has the good characteristics of calcium silicate (or fiber cement board) on the one hand, such as high temperature resistance, high light performance, etc.; on the other hand, it has the special properties of discrete phase pores, such as noise reduction performance, shock absorption performance, electromagnetic Shielding performance, penetration performance, insulation performance, etc. For this reason, perforated sound-absorbing board building materials are widely used in many industries such as electronic communication, chemical machinery, metallurgy, construction, transportation, energy development, etc.