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What is the material of the fireproof board | fireproof board factory

What is the material of the fireproof board | fireproof board factory

Oct 09,2021

Due to the different types of fireproof boards, the materials used are also different, depending on which type of fireproof board you are using.

1. If the mineral wool board is used, mineral wool is mainly used as the raw material.
The high temperature resistance of this fireproof material is very good, and the quality is relatively light, but the effect presented by the decoration is relatively poor, and the amount of installation work will be relatively large.

2. Cement board mainly uses cement as raw material.
The fire resistance of this kind of fireproof board will be slightly worse, and it is easy to explode when exposed to fire. However, fiber-reinforced cement boards have begun to be available on the market at present, which can effectively improve the fire resistance.

3. Gypsum board is mainly made of gypsum as the raw material. The weight is very light, and it is very easy to process, and the effect of decoration is relatively good.

4. Perlite slabs are mainly made of low-alkalinity cement and perlite as the main raw materials.
It is relatively light in weight, has high strength, has good fire and heat resistance characteristics, and the construction is very simple.

Because of the different types, the scope of use is also different. You can choose the appropriate fireproof board according to the actual situation.
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