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How to install fiber cement wall panels

How to install fiber cement wall panels

Jul 27,2021

I believe everyone is familiar with fiber cement board. It is a widely used and common building decoration material. Its bearing capacity is much better than ordinary boards. Fiber cement board uses plant fiber, cement and fine quartz sand as raw materials. Professional technology, the raw materials and characteristics are perfectly locked in the molecular structure to form a polymer, which is made through a precise mixing molding process. The plant fiber has good toughness, which adds a layer of protective color to the building, which is effective To extend the life of the building. Next, I will introduce how to install fiber cement board as a wallboard.
Construction of Fiber Cement Board Wallboard

1. The structure of the fixed fiber cement board wallboard should be flat and consolidated, and it is forbidden to have the protruding phenomenon of fasteners or leave protruding welds, welding rims and splashing welding slag after welding.

2. The wall panels should be fixed after the entire construction of the house structure is completed.

3. The entire board (1200*2400mm large panel) must be adhered to the principle of gradually fixing from the center of the board to the four sides, otherwise the internal stress of the board will not be released, and adverse consequences will be formed.

4. When self-tapping nails are used to fix the cement pressure plate, the nail distance of the ceiling board is 200mm, and the wall board center nail distance is 300mm. The periphery is 200mm from the center of the nail hole to the edge of the board. The ceiling fiber cement board and wall board are both 13-15mm. Add attachments to satisfy the requirements. The nail head should be lower than the board surface by 0.3mm5. Under special circumstances, such as the distance between the center of the nail hole and the edge of the board cannot satisfy the requirement of 13-15mm.

5. Primer should be applied to the nail head in time.

6. After the self-tapping screws are fixed. To prevent the nail head from rusting and affecting the next process.

Construction Notes
First of all, pay attention to the moisture-proof work of fiber cement board during construction. Although fiber cement board has good moisture-proof performance, it also needs attention, especially in the bathroom where there is water for a long time, otherwise the fiber cement board is easy Separation occurred.

Secondly, when fixing the fiber cement board, it is necessary to start from the center of the board surface and gradually extend the fixing method to the surroundings to avoid the consequences of the overall unevenness of the board surface.

In addition, if you need to make holes on the fixed cement fiber board, you need to draw a line larger than our actual object. If it is a square hole, you should drill one hole at each of the four corners of the square hole, and then use a portable type. Marble saw cutting along the line. If it is a round hole, drill a hole in the inscribed circle, and then cut along the line with a jig saw.

Fiber cement board is a common fire board in the building materials market. Fiber enhances the strength of cement board. The board uses cement as the raw material, which is between gypsum board and stone. It can be cut and used freely. It has gypsum board and wood board. It has the advantages of waterproof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, fire-proof and sound insulation performance. At the same time, the price will be much lower than the price of stone. At present, it has become one of the main building materials in the construction industry. Fiber cement board has better performance and requires more complicated processes, but it is safer for current buildings.
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