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What is calcium silicate board? Characteristics of calcium silicate board

What is calcium silicate board? Characteristics of calcium silicate board

Apr 14,2021

1、 What is calcium silicate board?
As a new green building material, calcium silicate board not only has the function of traditional gypsum board, but also has the advantages of superior fire resistance, moisture resistance and long service life. It is widely used in the ceiling and partition of industrial and commercial engineering buildings, home decoration, furniture lining, billboard lining, warehouse shed, network floor, tunnel and other indoor engineering wallboard.
2、 What are the characteristics of calcium silicate board?
1)Excellent fire performance
Calcium silicate board is a class A1 non combustible material. In case of fire, the board will not burn and produce toxic smoke.
2)Excellent waterproof performance
Calcium silicate board has excellent waterproof performance, in the toilet, bathroom and other places with high humidity, it can still maintain stable performance, without expansion or deformation.
3)High strength
Calcium silicate board adopts advanced formula and is produced under strict quality control. The humidity and dry shrinkage of the board are controlled in the most ideal range.
4)Heat and sound insulation
Calcium silicate board has good thermal insulation performance. The thermal insulation performance of 10mm thick partition wall is obviously better than that of ordinary brick wall, and has excellent sound insulation effect.
5)Durable, long service life
The performance of calcium silicate board is stable, acid and alkali resistant, not easy to corrode, and will not be damaged by moisture or insects, which can ensure an extraordinary service life.