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What is a honeycomb composite panel? | eps sandwich wall panel

What is a honeycomb composite panel? | eps sandwich wall panel

Jul 27,2021

What is a honeycomb composite panel?
The honeycomb panel is composed of two face plates and a honeycomb middle layer filled to ensure that the two face plates are put together to work together.
Different materials can be used for the watch plate: when both watch plates are aluminum or steel, it is called aluminum honeycomb panel or steel honeycomb panel. When one of the watch plates is stone, titanium alloy plate, enamel plate, wood, FRP, plastic, it is called stone honeycomb panel, titanium alloy honeycomb panel, enamel honeycomb panel, wood honeycomb panel, FRP honeycomb panel, plastic honeycomb panel, etc. . When aluminum foil, paper foil and plastic are used as the middle honeycomb layer, they are called aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb, and plastic honeycomb respectively.
The design idea of the honeycomb panel structure comes from the I-beam structure: the surface plate is equivalent to the wing plate of the I-beam and mainly bears normal stress; the middle honeycomb layer is equivalent to the web of the I-beam and mainly bears the shear stress. The two surface plates have high structural strength and large section moments of inertia, so they have good rigidity and high bending strength; the middle sandwich layer is bionic in a natural honeycomb structure, which uses less materials, but has high shear strength and good stability; Optimized combination with the honeycomb intermediate layer makes the honeycomb panel have the advantages of light weight, high strength, and good rigidity. Appropriate selection of surface board and honeycomb can also obtain good anti-vibration, heat insulation, sound insulation and other properties, making it into fire-proof honeycomb panels, heat-insulating honeycomb panels, and sound-insulating honeycomb panels.
Because of the above advantages, honeycomb panels were the first to be used in the aviation and aerospace sectors, and then they were widely used in the decoration, curtain wall, roof, floor and other construction fields, as well as in the automotive, train, ship, light rail, subway, elevator and other industrial sectors.
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