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Technological uses and advantages of fiber cement board | fiber cement siding board

Technological uses and advantages of fiber cement board | fiber cement siding board

Nov 15,2021

1. The technological use of fiber cement board

  Do you know what fiber cement board is? The following editor will introduce its technology, use and production materials for everyone, let's take a look.

  1. The process of fiber cement board

Fiber cement board is a kind of thinner made of silicon and calcium materials, adding other fibers, mineral fiber cement and other fibers as reinforcing materials, through a series of processes such as pulping, molding, and curing. Cement board is a new building material, also called fiber reinforced cement board.

  2, the use of fiber cement board

Because fiber cement boards have different specifications and densities, and physical properties are also different, they can be used in a wide range of applications. They can be used as ceiling materials. Boards can be used as wall and or decorative materials. Thick boards can be used as attic boards and external wall insulation boards. , Wall panels, etc., are very versatile and are common materials when decorating.

  3. Production material of fiber cement board

   The main materials used in the production of fiber cement board include: high-grade cement, plant fiber, a variety of selected mineral fillers, a variety of suspending agents and additives. After comparing the various inspection indicators of the raw materials with the standard indicators, the computer is used to balance the formula and automatically perform the proportion adjustment and feeding.
   2. Advantages of using fiber cement board

   What are the advantages of using fiber cement board? The sound insulation effect is good, the strength is strong, the fireproof and waterproof, and it is economical and durable. Let's analyze these advantages in detail below.

  1. Good sound insulation and heat insulation effect

  The high-density fiber cement board has excellent sound insulation effect, which is the ideal building decoration board we are pursuing. Fiber cement board has low thermal conductivity and good heat preservation and heat insulation. It is an ideal material for indoor construction and decoration.

  2, fiber cement board has high strength

In addition to the functions of traditional gypsum board, fiber cement board has high strength, is not easy to deform and bend, and can withstand the pressure brought by load is also a major advantage of fiber cement board. The high hardness fiber cement board is pressurized by a flat hydraulic press. It can be used as a house ceiling, very practical, light weight and high strength. It is very suitable for use in industrial and commercial engineering buildings such as ceiling ceilings, roof ceilings, home decoration, furniture linings, warehouse sheds, tunnels and other indoor engineering wall panels, etc. The range of use is very wide.

   3. Fibre cement board is fireproof and waterproof

The flame retardant grade of the fiber cement board is A. In the event of a fire, the fiber cement will not only not burn, it can still remain stable without deformation, which will affect the structure of the fiber cement board, and there will be no harmful gas generated, and no sinking or deformation will occur. Therefore, fireproof and waterproof is definitely the biggest advantage of fiber cement board.

  4, fiber cement board is economical and durable

As a decoration material, fiber cement board is economical and beautiful, safe and harmless, effectively reducing engineering and decoration costs, and has a long service life, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. It can be sawed, drilled, carved, and carved according to actual conditions during construction. Drilling nails and finishing are real building materials that achieve high quality and low price.
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