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Perforated Plate | Micro Perforated Plate Muffler

Perforated Plate | Micro Perforated Plate Muffler

Jul 28,2022

The micro-perforated plate muffler mainly has the following advantages:

(1) Good aerodynamic performance, suitable for equipment requiring small resistance loss.

(2) The airflow regeneration noise is low, allowing a higher airflow velocity.

(3) No resistive sound-absorbing materials are used, and there is no leakage of fibers and dust. It can be used in medicine, food and other industries with strict sanitary conditions.

(4) The perforated plate can be made of ordinary metal plate, stainless steel or aluminum plate, or anti-corrosion treatment of the plate, which can be used in the environment of high temperature, humidity, corrosion or short flame.

When selecting a micro-perforated plate muffler, if the resistance loss is required to be small, a straight pipe type can be used; if the resistance loss requirement is not too strict, a sound flow or other form of muffler can also be considered.