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Metal Stud|What are the introduction and classification of pressure riveting studs?

Metal Stud|What are the introduction and classification of pressure riveting studs?

May 31,2022

The pressure riveting stud, also known as the pressure riveting mother stud or nut column, is mainly a kind of fastener used in sheet metal, thin plate, chassis, and cabinet. The shape of the pressure riveting stud is hexagonal at one end and cylindrical at the other end. , There is a relief groove between the hexagonal side and the cylindrical shape, and its inner shape is an internal thread. The hexagonal head is pressed into the preset hole of the thin plate by a press (the diameter of the preset hole is generally slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the cylinder of the pressure riveting stud). Diameter) causes plastic deformation around the hole, and the deformed part is squeezed into the undercut groove of the pressure riveting nut, so that the pressure riveting stud is riveted on the thin plate, thereby forming an effective fixed internal thread on the thin plate.
According to common specifications, pressure riveting studs are generally divided into two types, one is through-hole pressure riveting studs, and the other is blind-hole pressure riveting studs. The main difference between them is whether the holes in the studs are open or not. , if it is connected, it is a through hole, and if it is not connected, it is a blind hole. This mainly depends on how the customer uses it, and mainly depends on the performance and requirements of the matching product accessories. One thing to note is that if the stud is too long, the through hole is generally not easy to pass, and it is not easy to produce. Therefore, there are more blind-hole pressure riveting studs for longer studs. The materials used for the production of pressure riveting studs are carbon steel, medium carbon steel and stainless steel. Standoffs made of carbon or medium carbon steel are heat treated and galvanized or nickel plated.

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