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Low-density light calcium silicate board is the future development direction of wallboard

Low-density light calcium silicate board is the future development direction of wallboard

Feb 15,2022

Regardless of today's wood veneer or bamboo and wood fibers, they cannot escape the doom of fire rating. The future development of wall panels must be environmentally friendly, fireproof and safe. So many companies are also growing and learning and changing a lot. For example, there are many glass magnesium boards as veneer substrates, but due to their unstable performance, there is still no large-scale popularization and application. The calcium silicate board is different, it can not only be used as a substrate but also can be used as a panel with sanding veneer.
But now there are too many high-density calcium silicate boards, why? Because the high-density calcium silicate board can be directly attached to the decorative surface layer, it can be hot-pressed with melamine paper. However, the high-density calcium silicate board is too heavy, and the transportation cost is high, which is greatly restricted, which is not conducive to the promotion of prefabricated buildings, and gradually fades away.
However, the current low-density lightweight boards are becoming more and more popular, the cost is greatly reduced, and the slotting is also very convenient. Whether it is construction or subsequent processing, it is obviously much faster than high-density ones. Fast, lightweight and efficient are the mainstream in the later period. Now many calcium silicate board manufacturers are constantly overcoming the difficulties of their own production processes and increasing the research and development of low-density calcium silicate boards.
For the future development direction of wall panels, lightweight panels are undoubtedly the best direction. Whether it is building assembly or home improvement market, low-density lightweight panels are the mainstream. I don't believe it, we will wait and see.