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Introduction to the types of acoustic panel

Introduction to the types of acoustic panel

May 21,2021

Acoustic panels refer to plate-shaped materials with sound absorption and noise reduction effects, which are mainly used in theaters, concert halls, museums, exhibition halls, libraries, interrogation rooms, galleries, auction halls, gymnasiums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, and hotel lobbies , Hospitals, shopping malls, schools, piano rooms, conference rooms, recording studios, recording studios, KTV rooms, bars, industrial plants, computer rooms, home noise reduction and other places with high acoustic environment requirements and high-end decoration.

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Roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Wooden acoustic panel.

The wooden acoustic panel is refined according to the principle of acoustics, and consists of veneer, core material and sound-absorbing thin felt. There are two types of wood sound-absorbing panels: slotted wood sound-absorbing panels and perforated wood acoustic panel

2. Mineral wool acoustic panel

The surface treatment of mineral wool sound-absorbing panels is rich in forms and has a strong decorative effect. The surface-treated knurled mineral wool board, commonly known as "caterpillar", is covered with holes of different depths, shapes and diameters. Another type of "gypsophila" has surface pores of different depths. Mineral wool board is made of slag wool as the main raw material, added with appropriate amount of additives, and processed by batching, forming, drying, cutting, embossing, finishing and other procedures.

3. Polyester fiber acoustic panel

Polyester fiber acoustic panel is an ideal sound-absorbing decorative material. Its raw material is 100% polyester fiber, which has the advantages of sound absorption, environmental protection, flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, easy dust removal, easy cutting, parquet, simple construction, good stability, impact resistance, good independence, high cost performance, etc. Advantages, there are a variety of colors to choose from, which can meet the charming decoration needs of different styles and different levels.

4. Fabric acoustic panel

Fabric sound-absorbing board-the core material is centrifugal glass wool. Centrifugal glass wool, as a sound-absorbing material widely used worldwide for a long time, has been proven to have excellent sound-absorbing properties.

5. Wood wool acoustic panel

This product combines the advantages of wood and cement. It is as light as wood and as strong as cement. It has multiple functions such as sound absorption, impact resistance, fire resistance, moisture resistance, and mildew resistance. Its-unique appearance, good sound absorption, the surface can be painted,-the structure is firm, the installation is simple, and the sound absorption rate can reach 1.00. -It can be widely used in stadiums, theaters, cinemas, conference rooms, churches, factories, schools, libraries, swimming pools, etc.