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Introduction to calcium silicate board

Introduction to calcium silicate board

Aug 11,2021

Calcium silicate board is a new generation of "green" building materials, and has unique environmental protection functions on the basis of excellent moisture and fire resistance. It is based on silicon powder and calcium powder as the main base material, natural wood fiber as the reinforcing material, and other auxiliary materials. After being formed by flow slurry, it is a new type of building material that is cured at high temperature and high pressure.

As a new type of green building material, calcium silicate board not only has the function of traditional gypsum board, but also has the advantages of superior fire resistance, moisture resistance and long service life. It is widely used in ceiling ceilings and partition walls of industrial and commercial engineering buildings, home decoration, Furniture linings, billboard linings, warehouse sheds, network floors, tunnels and other indoor engineering wall panels.

Calcium silicate board is made of loose short fibers such as inorganic mineral fibers or cellulose fibers as reinforcing materials, and siliceous-calcium materials as the main cementing material. After pulping, forming, and accelerating the curing reaction in high-temperature and high-pressure saturated steam, it is formed Sheet made of calcium silicate gel. It is a new type of building and industrial board with excellent performance. Its product is fireproof, moisture-proof, soundproof, insect-proof, and has good durability. It is an ideal decorative board for suspended ceilings and partitions.