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Introduction of knowledge about fiber cement board

Introduction of knowledge about fiber cement board

Sep 17,2021

Fiber cement board, also known as fiber-reinforced cement board, fiber cement board is a board made of cement as the basic material and adhesive, mineral fiber cement and other fibers as the reinforcing material, through pulping, forming, curing and other processes. , With its superior performance, it is widely used in various fields of the construction industry. According to the difference of added fiber, it is divided into chrysotile fiber cement board and non-asbestos fiber cement board. According to the different molding pressure, it is divided into fiber cement non-pressurized board and fiber cement pressure board.

Fiber cement board is used for fire prevention and flame retardant in cable engineering in various power plants, chemical companies and other places where electricity costs are intensive. It is also the best fire-retardant material for interior decoration fire-retardant projects in large shopping malls, hotels, guesthouses, document halls, enclosed clothing markets, light industry markets, theaters and other public places.

The cement fiber sheet can be used as a ceiling material, and can be perforated as a sound-absorbing ceiling. Conventional board can be used for wall and or decorative materials, indoor (toilet) partition curtain wall lining board, composite wall panel, outdoor billboard, metallurgy, electric furnace insulation board, electrician distribution cabinet, transformer partition, etc., thick board It can be used as steel structure floor board, attic board, external wall insulation board, external wall hanging board, etc.