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Fireproof Calcium Silicate Board with Excellent Properties

Fireproof Calcium Silicate Board with Excellent Properties

Sep 30,2022

Calcium silicate board is a new generation of green building materials, with unique environmental protection functions based on excellent moisture-proof and fire-proof performance.

Calcium Silicate Board

Composed of siliceous materials, calcareous materials, reinforcing fiber materials, and additives in a certain proportion, calcium silicate board is a new type of inorganic building material made by copying or molding, autoclave curing, and other processes.

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Calcium Silicate Board Properties

As a new type of green building material, calcium silicate board not only has the function of traditional gypsum board but also has the advantages of excellent fire resistance, moisture resistance, and long service life.

High strength, lightweight, good workability, and non-combustibility make calcium silicate board widely used in ship bulkheads, suspended ceilings, and non-load-bearing walls of buildings, as well as other places with fire protection requirements.


Fireproof Calcium Silicate Board

Low-density, moisture-proof, fire-resistant calcium silicate boards are designed for buildings that require high fire performance.

The fireproof calcium silicate board reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioner in the building by virtue of its excellent thermal insulation performance, and the excellent high-temperature thermal insulation performance ensures the safety of personnel and property through fire protection.


Features of Calcium Silicate Fire Board

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Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
9,12,15,20,24 1220 2440

Density: 0.8-1.0g/cm3 Bending strength: ≥ 8.5 Mpa
Thermal conductivity: ≤ 0.2 W/(m.K) Water contain: ≤ 10%
Moisture movement: ≤ 0.25 % Non-combustibility: EN 13501-1:2018 class A1

The fireproof calcium silicate board produced by the SANLE - calcium silicate board manufacturer has the following excellent characteristics:

●  Low density and ultra-lightweight
●  High fire resistance. The product can withstand 1200℃
●  Resistance to deformation
●  Excellent fireproof performance
●  Easy processing
●  Eco-friendly
●  Mold and insect prevention



In either case, for selection or maintenance guidance of fireproof calcium silicate board, as the experienced fireproof calcium silicate board supplier, we welcome you to contact us at SANLE to assist you in the decision-making process.