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Fiber cement board introduction

Fiber cement board introduction

Mar 23,2022

With the continuous progress of the fiber cement board market and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, people's life safety and safety awareness have been placed in the front, and they have gradually realized the severity and hazards of fires. Every year, due to natural disasters More and more people have sacrificed, so the fire department's emphasis on fire prevention has also risen to a level. Therefore, when building houses, fiber cement boards have gradually been loved by everyone.
The fire resistance class of fiber cement board is A1, so its fire resistance limit can reach three hours. The main component of fiber cement board is a new type of fireproof board formed by adding some plant fibers to cement, yellow sand, and pulp, after high temperature steaming and drying.
The fiber cement board has a length of 2.44 meters and a width of 1.22 meters. It is not only fireproof, but also waterproof. After testing, the waterproof is impermeable for 24 hours. Fiber cement board is light in weight, also has sound insulation and heat insulation, is not easy to deform, the construction is very simple, and the service life is long.
Fiber cement board is widely used, and can usually be used in firewalls, fireproof ceilings, and indoor partition walls. In the future, fiber cement board is a good choice for building materials.