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Calcium silicate board floor substrate

Calcium silicate board floor substrate

Feb 28,2022

Calcium silicate board is made of inorganic mineral fibers or loose short fibers such as cellulose fibers as reinforcing materials, and siliceous-calcium materials as the main cementing material. After pulping, molding, and accelerating the curing reaction in high temperature and high pressure saturated steam, the Sheets made of calcium silicate gel. It is a new type of building and industrial sheet with excellent performance. Its products are fireproof, moisture-proof, soundproof, insect-proof and durable. It is an ideal decorative sheet for ceilings and partitions. Then the calcium silicate board floor substrate uses a calcium silicate board with a density of 0.8 as the substrate, and is made into a floor substrate after special treatment and double-sided veneer. Such floor substrates are not only light in weight, but also meet the requirements of floor substrates in terms of hardness.

However, there are no calcium silicate board floor substrates on the market at present. There are two reasons. First, the board is too heavy. Generally, manufacturers will use calcium silicate boards with high density. Although they can stick to the veneer, the quality is too heavy, which limits the development. . Second: the veneer cannot be attached, the lower the density, the more difficult the veneer, and the UV penetration line can only stick to the calcium silicate board with high density, and the floor substrate must be light and low in density.

1. Safety and environmental protection
Calcium silicate board is a natural material, non-toxic and formaldehyde-free. In addition, the amount of glue used is very small, and it can even be veneered with water-based glue. It is a good floor with zero pollution and zero toxicity.

2. Fireproof
Calcium silicate board is a class A fireproof material, which is non-combustible and non-chemical, and will not release toxic gases.

3, can adjust the air humidity
The calcium silicate board floor substrate can adjust the indoor air humidity, absorb moisture in the air in a humid environment, and release moisture into the air during drying time, which has a good effect of adjusting the air humidity.

4. High temperature resistance
Calcium silicate board floor substrate, which will not expand or deform at high temperature, is the best substrate for geothermal floor, and it has good sound insulation function.