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calcium silicate board ceiling construction method

calcium silicate board ceiling construction method

Nov 15,2021

1. Snap the line. According to the floor elevation level and the ceiling elevation of the room design, the ceiling bottom elevation level is projected along the walls around the wall, and the keel segmentation position line is drawn on the wall along the ceiling elevation level.
2. Install the hanging ribs. The hanging ribs are φ8 hanging ribs, one end is welded with L30*3*40 (long) angle steel, and the other end is a 50mm-long threaded buckle with a rebar head, and fixed to the structural ceiling with Ф8 expansion bolts. The spacing is 1200mm-1500mm. The distance between the wall and the wall is 200-300mm. When the ventilation duct is large and the spacing requirement of the boom is exceeded, the angle steel frame is used as the main keel. The anti-rust paint must be painted before installing the hanging ribs.
3. Install the main keel. The main keel is made of UC38 light steel keel, and the spacing is 1200mm~1500mm. When installing, the keel matching pendant is connected with the hanging rib. The pendant must be fixed with the pipe thread of the boom, and the screw cap is required to exceed the screw rod by 10mm. The main keel must be pre-adjusted neatly and the elevation of the main keel must be adjusted by pulling the line, and the next process after the inspection is correct.
4. Install side keel. Fix the 25*25 paint keel with cement nails around the wall according to the elevation line on the wall, and the fixed distance is not more than 300mm. The wall putty leveling must be completed before installing the side keel.
5. Install the secondary keel. According to the specifications and dimensions of the calcium silicate board, the T-shaped secondary keel spacing is determined to be 600mm. When the length of the secondary keel needs to be extended by more than one keel, use the secondary keel connector to connect the opposite ends while hanging the secondary keel and the connection points of the adjacent secondary keels should be staggered with each other. When installing the secondary keel, the clip should be firmly connected to the main keel, and the secondary keel must be excessively leveled at the intersection of the cross, and there should be no misalignment or large gaps.
6. Install calcium silicate board. Calcium silicate board often chooses 600*600*15mm semi-embedded board or other methods. When installing the ceiling, it should be installed in order. It is strictly forbidden to load and unload savagely. Do not pollute the cover panel during installation.
7. Clean up. After the calcium silicate board is installed, wipe the surface of the board with a cloth to clean it, and there should be no dirt, fingerprints, etc.
calcium silicate board ceiling