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6 Recommended Types of Interior Decorative Cement Board

6 Recommended Types of Interior Decorative Cement Board

Aug 09,2023

Sanle interior decorative fiber cement board is a kind of new green building board. Its substrate is a fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board and its surface is covered with various materials of films, such as UV coating, PVC film, PP film, and leather-like film. Variable style and personalized fiber cement siding board design make people feel fashionable and beautiful. SANLE is a professional decorative cement board supplier in China, all the interior wall decorative boards are environmentally friendly, fireproof, and waterproof.

Here are six recommended types of interior decorative cement board that offer both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits for various design projects:

Leather-like Cladding Wall Panel

Sanle leather-like cladding fiber cement wall panel is using the class A1 fireproof fiber cement board, cladded with thickened PU leather /fabric as its surface layer. The surface is delicate and soft, having standard performance in heat insulation, anti-scratch, anti-fouling, anti-peeling, and anti-delamination under harsh external environments.

Warm tactile leather brings a strong noble and luxurious decorative atmosphere, custom-made style, and simple modeling, highlighting the unique life taste and aesthetic of residents everywhere

leather-like cladding fiber cement wall panel

Wood Cladding Wall Panel

● 100% asbestos free, no release of any hazardous material during the lifetime of the product, environment-friendly. Bright color, clear texture, vivid image.
● Class A fireproof calcium silicate board as base material, having good fire resistance performance.
● Big size panel with Lightweight, high strength, and easy installation characteristics.
● Insect and termite prevention, waterproof and moistureproof.
● Wear-resistant, easy to clean, and have a long service life.
● Economical and cost-effective.

Wood Cladding Wall Panel

UV Transfer Printing Decorative Fiber Cement Wall Panel

Sanle UV transfer printing cladding fiber cement wall panel is made by using reinforced non-asbestos calcium silicate board as base board, coating with high-quality UV painting, and adopting the UV curing and transfer printing technology to produce the unique and exquisite decoration panel.

● Baseboard: Class A 1 incombustibility and environment-friendly non-asbestos calcium silicate board.
● Coating: Ultraviolet light-curable paints and light-curable inks (UV paints and UV inks), it has stable and rich colors and green and wear-resistant features.
● Equipment: Auto-UV light curing painting machine and UV transfer printing machine with high speed and high-quality production capability.
UV Transfer Printing Decorative Fiber Cement Wall Panel

Clean Antibacterial Board

Widely used as an interior antibacterial board for all kinds of Clean rooms. Because adding inorganic antibacterial materials and organic nano antibacterial materials during the production, the board has good performance in inhibiting Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus . The boards are meeting the national requirements of wall-building materials in biological cleanrooms and industrial cleanrooms.

● A1 class non-combustibility materials, during use, our boards will not produce any toxic gas or radiation.
● Effectively inhibit Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, meet the antibacterial requirement of medical operating -theatre
● Environment-friendly building materials,100% nonasbestos and non-formaldehyde.
● Wear-resistance and easy to clean.
● Acid and alkali resistance, good against organic solvent and disinfectant, avoiding daily necessities pollution.
● Low water absorption rate, good abilities to be moisture-proof and waterproof.
● Rich colors, excellent decorative performance.
● High degree of weather resistance and durability.
Clean Antibacterial Board

PVC Cladding Decorative Cement Board

PVC cladding decorative fiber cement wall panel is a new kind of green decorative board, using high-density reinforced non-asbestos calcium silicate board as basal plate, covered with PVC film. With sound absorption and noise reduction, heat insulation, and anti-freezing, it is a good material for purifying the residence.

● Baseboard: Class A incombustibility and environment-friendly high-density reinforced non-asbestos calcium silicate board.
● Surface: environmentally PVC film

PVC cladding decorative cement board

Stone-like Cladding Wall Panel

Sanle quick-install stone-like cladding wall panels with hundreds of designs and patterns. With Sanle quick-install system, it saves your time and cost.

The surface pattern of the Sanle UV transfer printing wallboard is smooth and wear-resistant. It has realistic and strong 3D effects and outstanding decoration effects. Widely used in residences, apartments, five-star hotels, private clubs, restaurants, etc.

Stone-like Cladding Wall Panel
Each of these recommended types of interior decorative cement board can be customized to match your desired color palette, style preferences, and design aspirations. Whether you're aiming for a modern, traditional, or eclectic interior, these cement boards offer a range of options to elevate your space.