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27 04 2022

What is exterior wall decorative board?

With the fire of modern minimalist style, more and more friends like to add natural home elements in their new homes. Cement decorative panels are the best choice for decoration, but many friends are not particularly familiar with the new building materials of cement decorative panels. Today, the ed

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29 03 2022

What material is fireproof fiber cement board?

In recent years, fiber cement boards have been widely used, and many buildings, such as teaching buildings, hotels, hospitals, hotels, etc., have used this fiber cement board in many places. So, what is the material of fireproof fiber cement board? Fiber cement board is a new type of building fir

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23 03 2022

Fiber cement board introduction

With the continuous progress of the fiber cement board market and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, people's life safety and safety awareness have been placed in the front, and they have gradually realized the severity and hazards of fires. Every year, due to natural disa

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28 02 2022

Calcium silicate board floor substrate

Calcium silicate board is made of inorganic mineral fibers or loose short fibers such as cellulose fibers as reinforcing materials, and siliceous-calcium materials as the main cementing material. After pulping, molding, and accelerating the curing reaction in high temperature and high pressure sat

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15 02 2022

Low-density light calcium silicate board is the future development direction of wallboard

Regardless of today's wood veneer or bamboo and wood fibers, they cannot escape the doom of fire rating. The future development of wall panels must be environmentally friendly, fireproof and safe. So many companies are also growing and learning and changing a lot. For example, there are many g

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